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The state of Wyoming has the most business-friendly tax climate in the nation. As such, Johnson County, Wyoming’s lucrative business climate offers no personal or corporate state income tax. This attracts industries to Northeast Wyoming, from food to agriculture and the arts to health care. Local companies and small businesses are flourishing by combining the latest technology and local craftsmanship with the natural inspiration surrounding them at the base of the Big Horn Mountains.

“A lot of our east coast guests say it’s so crowded and the traffic is so bad, they want to relocate where there is little traffic.”

Richard Tass, fourth-generation Buffalo resident and owner and operator of Klondike Ranch



Nestled in the foothills of the Big Horn Mountains is Buffalo and Kaycee, Wyoming, with a local, community spirit, and heritage you simply can’t find anywhere else. Johnson County, Wyoming, is connected to the world through Interstates 90 and 25, and is situated along the Bighorn Scenic Byway along highway 16. This scenic byway passes through Bighorn National Forest and offers views of vast ranchlands, limestone outcroppings and various mountain peaks along the way. Be sure to make time for stops at scenic overlooks, trails and other enjoyable outdoor areas.Professionals and visitors find their way here by road, rail and airways.

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Varied educational programs offered at Sheridan College, Wyoming Community College and Northern Wyoming Community College are training a highly skilled workforce that attracts the employers who need them to the region. These institutions provide the training that workers need to compete, giving local businesses a hiring advantage. With the launch of an apprenticeship tech training program, coders with cutting-edge knowledge are a growing workforce population in Johnson County. With more health care facilities under construction in Wyoming, higher education has stepped up to offer nursing programs and expanded four year degree programs to meet the impending demand for skilled professionals.

“As they said in Field of Dreams if you build, they will come. Our economy will grow as we attract more businesses and our schools offer more chances to earn degrees”

Richard Tass, fourth-generation Buffalo resident and owner and operator of Klondike Ranch

What’s more, Johnson County is proactively supporting the business diversification of the region, specifically for the tech industry. Development and financial planning are rapidly progressing for the 50-acre Buffalo Technology Park, being designed to have redundant utilities with the ability to be expanded as needed.

“I think because it’s intimate and small, this is a community where you can get things done. It’s not unusual to know your mayor, your city council members and your county commissioners, not to mention your state legislators, your governor, or even your US Representative or senators. You can actually get to know these people and can call and ask a question and find out what’s going on.”

Steve Reimann, fourth-generation Buffalo resident and branch manager of ANB Bank of Buffalo


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The pandemic has changed the landscape of business for people across the country who can now work from home, anywhere in the country. Johnson County, Wyoming, is already attracting visitors who become residents. With high-speed fiber optics and an abundant unused and sustainable energy supply, Johnson County is poised for growth and able to support your work-from-home needs.

“Because of the internet and the way jobs are anymore, people can work remotely. As a result, a lot of our guests are dreaming of moving someplace here in Wyoming, to retire or run their business.”

Richard Tass, fourth-generation Buffalo resident and owner and operator of Klondike Ranch

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The Johnson County Tourism Association is teaming up with JOCO First to bring their mission to life: To build and enhance our regional economy, attract new businesses and support the growth of existing ones. To this end, we offer a range of resources, services and incentives.

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